Auxilium Massage Cupping Device

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Massage cupping unite with 6 pressure and 6 heating options.

Auxilium Electric Cupping Device with 6 Levels of Both Pressure and Heating


About This Product:

- Automatically Combines the functions of negative pressure cupping, scraping, and massage. Through intelligent detection of the pressure inside the cup.  Real-time adjustment of vacuum negative pressure enables dynamic breathing cupping.

- Effectively enhances blood circulation, clears meridians, stimulates acupoints, relieves fatigue, alleviates pain, expels cold and dampness, boosts immunity, and relaxes muscles.

- Two modes are available (deep negative pressure mode/soothing breathing mode) for scraping, cupping, or massage, providing freedom of choice without limitations. 

- 6 levels of negative pressure for strong and stable suction without an open flame; 6 levels of red light heating for deep massage, body relaxation, and fatigue relief.

-  Automatically starts a 20-minute countdown upon activation to prevent unnecessary harm from excessive scraping and cupping.

- Equipped with an LCD screen and four independent buttons for easy machine switching, adjustment of suction intensity and heating level, and suspension of cupping adsorption function to release pressure.

"I have had my mom use it for 2 days, and she happily told me that she really likes this product and the quality is excellent.
I have also tested its functions, and they are all stable. It's an outstanding product. Thumbs up!"


Material: ABS + silicone
Color: Red & Blue
Weight: 0.351 kg
Package Size: 17.8 * 13.3 * 8.6 cm

Package Contents:
1 * Main Unit
2 * Filter Cotton
1 * USB Charging Cable (Type-C)
1 * English User Manual