Auxilium Pain Relief Cream (2 Pack)

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Auxilium Joint & Muscle Therapy – 3oz Concentrated Cream for Joint and Muscle Recovery with Arnica, Vitamin B6 and MSM Provides Relief for Back, Neck, Hands, Feet

  • Premium Quality Cream Formulated with natural ingredients  – Auxilium Pain Relief Cream offers long-lasting relief.  Formulate with natural ingredients with each 500mg of concentrated CBD, MSM, Arnica and Menthol, our USA manufactured relief cream is designed to deliver soothing pain relief.
  • Perfect For All Areas – Apply as needed to Back, Knee, Neck, Hip, Foot, Hand and more to experience its deep soothing benefits.
  • Calming Relief – The cream absorbs quickly after application provides help in relieveing and managing pain stiffness without greasy residue.
  • Strong & Potent Formula – Consistent use of our uniquely concentrated formula during the day and night encourages long-lasting support to targeted areas of discomfort.
  • HP Labs (Heaven Patch) 30-day guarantee - We stand behind our products and provide reliable customer support. Each purchase is backed by our 100%, 30-day guarantee. 
  • Manufacture at a United States, FDA reigstered facility – And a member of the GMP (Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a worldwide system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.)

Key Product Ingredients
-Menthol 3.7% (Active Ingredient) - Provides Deep Penetrating Pain Relief, Cools Skin, Local Anesthetic
- Arnica Montana Extract - Powerful Anti-inammatory, Increases Circulation and Speeds Recovery
- Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - Promotes Normal Nerve Function
- MSM - Anti-inammatory, Supports Healthy Connective Tissues
- Ilex Leaf extract - Natural Caeine That Increases Circulation, Skin Conditioner
- Tea Tree Oil - Penetrates Skin, Accelerates Healing
- Vitamin E - Anti-inammatory, Enhances Blood Circulation, Skin Hydrating
- Aloe - Anti-inammatory, Softens and Hydrates Skin